Praise for The Dreamers

“Tanwen Coyne has an acute sense of place and a sensitive ear for the nuances of language. Quietly, persistently and with great sensitivity, she draws the reader into a secret complicity with this intriguing narrative. She writes with a poet’s eye for detail and a painter’s responsiveness to landscape. What makes The Dreamers so distinctive is the way in which it subtly subverts the conventions it sets about to explore. In the hands of a less accomplished writer this would be a dangerous thing to attempt — but Tanwen Coyne never loses control of her characters and never falters in the sureness of her story-telling. The Dreamers is a compelling piece of fiction written by one of our most gifted and promising emergent writers.”
 “If you have read Tipping The Velvet, you will enjoy The Dreamers. Tanwen Coyne has written an arresting piece of Gothic fiction. Her prose sparkles with sensual delight and encourages a poetic diction in its evocation of a sense of place. Haunting and magical, The Dreamers captures the power of memory; it is also emotionally satisfying, an extremely good read.”