When Breck, a bounty hunter from a future Earth, crash lands in remote 1910 Wales, he must find a way to fit in and survive amongst the primitive locals. Iestyn Griffiths, a butler in a fine house, leads a lonely life and has dreams he knows can never be fulfilled. His imagination leads him to the stars but he knows he can never follow it there. Yet when the handsome and cocksure Breck moves into the neighbourhood, Iestyn finds himself fascinated by the man he convinces himself he hates. In this erotic science fiction story, the two men join in a journey of discovery into their deepest selves. Can their love survive their differences and the criminal from the future who wants to tear them apart?

The quiet and the peace of the Welsh countryside inspired me to write Stars. I was visiting the Brecon Beacons and, as night fell and the stars emerged, I began to wonder what a  person from 1910 might think about when they saw those stars. Would their imagination lead them to wonder what might lie beyond their world?

Get Stars here



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