I love Wales. I absolutely love it.From holidays there, time spent visiting there and time living there, I’ve always loved it.

My absolute favourite place in Wales has to be Cardiff. I love the bay especially. It’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to!

But then there’s the countryside. I love Harlech. I’ve gone there quite a few times. It’s got a gorgeous beach but I abslutely love Harlech Castle.

And then there’s the place I went to on Holiday to last August, where I started writing The Dreamers. Fishguard. It’s a friendly little village, set right bay a gorgeous bay and harbour. And on a hill, tucked into the trees is a little cottage. A victorian cottage, all by itself in its own little world. This is the world in which Jennifer finds herself. By herself she moves into this cottage but she is not alone.



One thought on “Wales

  1. Hi Tanwen,
    You sound very excited about Wales.
    I lived in and near Cardiff for two years. Lovely bay, fab castles and gorgeous landscapes. I can only agree with you about inspirations for writing. 🙂

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